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    Boingo Wireless

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    Boingo Wireless, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIFI) helps the world stay connected. Our vast footprint of DAS, Wi-Fi, and small cells reaches more than a billion people annually, making Boingo one of the largest providers of indoor wireless networks. You’ll find Boingo connecting people at student and multifamily communities, as well as at airports, stadiums, military bases, convention centers, and commercial properties. Boingo is leading the evolution of high-speed Wi-Fi in multifamily communities and empowers them with unmatched connectivity solutions that drive […]

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    EmailACheck is a digital banking platform. EmailACheck are checks for the 21st century. Our patented technology is a new and improved eco-friendly way to send, receive and deposit checks. You can write, send, receive, and deposit a check in minutes without ever leaving your chair or using more than your phone, iPad, or computer. Don’t wait for your rent payments or worry about payments getting lost and incurring late fees. Do it all for pennies while saving paper, envelopes, ink, […]

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    Fetch Package

    Package solutions, package handling, package rooms, lockers, delivery services ,door to door

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    Southwest Utility Solutions

    Southwest Utility Solutions exists for a straightforward reason. The multifamily industry is fundamentally built and sustained by the value that owners, investors, and property management teams bring to the table. Your #1 job: building the best, most sustainable, and profitable community should not be plagued with industry partners preventing your property from being taken to the next level.

    We’re building custom utility programs to ensure maximum utility recovery, savings, and property profit for multifamily, student housing, senior/affordable, and mixed-use communities.