Testimonials from Apartment Suppliers

My years of interaction with Apartment Supplier Network of Florida are always authentic, impacting and trustworthy.

Representation years ago on the front cover of the Apartment Vendor Guide created a statewide branding recognition.

The ASN VIP luncheons provide high-level procurement, operations, and management personnel, which are respected professionals in the multi-family industry & property management industry.

Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida has an unmatched pedigree within the Multi-Family & Property Management segment.

Most importantly, trust is the relationship gained from every conversation and engagement.

Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida is an invaluable resource.

Bob Filebark

Vice President – Partnership Development
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Pets and Playground ProductsI’m the National Sales Director for Pet and Playground Products. Our company participates in the Apartment Supplier Network of Florida VIP Luncheons. All I can say is they’re GREAT! The events are well organized, and attended by the Executive Teams of major management companies. The one-on-one time I receive with the management company decision-makers is invaluable. I always have a sale within a week or two of the luncheon! If you’re not a member of the Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida, you’re missing out!

Jenny Ronning

National Sales Director
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Affinity Waste SolutionsI attended my first ASN Luncheon in 2017. The intimate atmosphere gave me the opportunity to be placed in front of key decisions makers with the guest of honor management company. Attending the VIP luncheon and getting involved with Apartment Suppliers truly helped jump-start an incredible partnership between us that has formed into more than I could have even imagined. Thank you, Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida.

Ashlee Frost

Account Executive
Affinity Waste Solutions

Unlimited RestorationI recently attended my first ASN networking luncheon and was pleasantly surprised at the “vendor friendly” format. I honestly don’t have enough good to say about it! All the property managers were very willing to listen to each vendor introduction, and it has resulted in my getting a few appointments set up with those PM’s that were in attendance. To compile that information which was given to each attendee would have taken me literally months to find on my own. I will definitely be attending future events!

Lynnette Selfslaghs

Account Executive
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Line 1 CommunicationsI recently participated in one of the ASN VIP luncheons. I was very pleased with the quality of decision makers the ASN was able to attract and the receptiveness that they all expressed. It is often difficult to cut through the clutter to introduce a new product or service that few have heard about before, but this venue provided a great opportunity that I plan to continue to support.

John Fabrega

President / CEO
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All County PavingNetworking is an essential component of what I do to develop successful business relationships and increase our market presence. Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida provides a great opportunity to establish new business/social connections and educate other individuals about All County Paving. The people that attend the A.S.N VIP Luncheons are always eager to meet everyone in the room and learn more about them. I have built many lasting business relationships over the years and look forward to many more. I would recommend Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida to my closest friends…… as long as they are aren’t a competitor.

Cliff Barfield

Regional Director of Sales and Marketing
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Apartment L-Up E LogoApartment Lease-up Experts has been doing business with the Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida since 2004. Since then, we have been advertising in the Apartment Vendor Guide and sponsoring the A.S.N VIP Luncheons. The Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida is a great organization and with their networking opportunities and contacts, they are the “go-to” place for apartment suppliers and decision-makers in the multifamily industry. Thank you, A.S.N!

Santiago Illia

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Pets and Playground ProductsThe Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida has been one of the best resources we have found to grow our business.  We have attended the VIP luncheon events, and have been able to create valuable relationships that can be measured and attributed to our growth.  I highly recommend the Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida organization.

Bob Hansen

Division Manager
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Switch ElectricOver the last seven years, Switch Electric has attended every VIP luncheon that the Apartment Supplier Network of Florida has hosted. Switch Electric’s corporate office is in Clearwater, Fl., and we’re willing to travel the entire state to attend the luncheons. We were aware of the sponsorship opportunities, but never spent the extra money since it seemed we were getting good enough results from the luncheons themselves. To our surprise, Julie kindly offered to give us a VIP table at the last luncheon to show her appreciation for our continued support over the years. We were very excited and figured, why not try it!? We were blown away by how well worth it was. The VIP reception offered a speed dating format where we were able to spend a few minutes presenting our services and introducing ourselves to each decision-maker. It seemed the decision-makers were even more responsive than trying to speak with them during the actual luncheon. For Switch Electric, this experience worked out so well that we booked a service call during our speed dating and gained a new client with a few properties right away. We will be getting the VIP table at every VIP luncheon from here on out. Thanks so much, Julie, for helping us realize just how much more beneficial this extra part of the luncheons can be!

Nava Adler

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Royal PlusI’m so glad that I attended the VIP Luncheon hosted by the Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida. The opportunity to meet the Executives and Regional Managers was huge and with follow up I was able to get an appointment to give a presentation. Your luncheon facilitated an introduction that would have been difficult to get otherwise. I’ll definitely attend your future events. Thank you again for opening doors!

John Secor

Account Manager / Central Florida Marketing
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Oakhurst SignsThe ASN VIP luncheons are well thought out from the seating arrangements to the content. The Q & A session hit on the questions every vendor wants to know when prospecting a new account. I’ve met some great vendors and established new relationships with customers that I had struggled to get in front of in the past at these events! Looking forward to the next one!

Lesley Seymour

Business Development
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