Multifamily Executive Testimonials

Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaAustin Carter
Regional Manager
RKW Residential
RKW Residential has developed a great partnership with Julie Mills and the Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida. The dedication to our industry is evident in all aspects. The RKW VIP Luncheon was exceptional, and it was a pleasure to network with so many qualified suppliers in our industry. The luncheon allowed our Executive Team to inform apartment suppliers how to conduct business with our company. The team at RKW is excited about our continued partnership for years to come.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaMyka Staryk Monson
Regional Manager, South Florida
ZRS Management
Apartment Suppliers Network VIP Luncheon is always a top-notch event! It's well planned and a great benefit to our supplier partners. It's different from a trade show, much more of a personal event. Time to mix and mingle and find out about the details and offerings from our current vendors and some new to us. We have adopted national and local vendors as a result of the Apartment Suppliers networking event. Thanks to Julie and her team for always hosting a great event for our vendors and management teams!
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaDebbie Gentry
Operations Director
Thank you Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida for hosting a VIP luncheon for ConcordRENTS. This was a fantastic format for our key decision-makers to have the opportunity to meet & learn about potential new suppliers, as well as having time to network with our existing vendor partners.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaRegional Executive Team
Royal American South Florida
First and foremost, Julie Mills from The Apartment Suppliers Network is a class act professional. She was wonderful in organizing our VIP event with Royal American Management. We appreciate the attention to detail and creative approach, bringing us together and networking with all of our local apartment suppliers. We look forward to our continued partnership with A.S.N. in the coming years.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaNelda Jones
Regional Vice President
Highmark Residential Southeast Region
Words cannot begin to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Apartment Suppliers Network, especially Julie Mills, for hosting the VIP Luncheon for Highmark Residential Southeast Region. This event was very well done from start to finish. Our entire group really enjoyed meeting vendors and forming new relationships, which immediately engaged vendors in the bid and contract process. The format was fun, engaging, and professional in a relaxed and elegant environment. We are already looking forward to next year’s event.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaMichele Brice
Area Vice President
Lincoln Property Company
Thank you, Apartment Suppliers Network, for hosting a VIP luncheon for Lincoln Property Company’s Central Florida leadership team.  Our vendor partnerships are vital to our success, and the venue and event format was enjoyable and engaging and provided a nice way for us to connect! We appreciated learning about initiatives and different areas of expertise from the vendors and the opportunity to share information about Lincoln and our company’s growth. Lincoln continues to rely on the Apartment Suppliers Network as a trusted source for the best providers of quality products, services, and competitive pricing.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaJennifer Belisle​
Regional Manager
Royal American
The Royal American VIP Luncheon hosted by the Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida was a great success and a wonderful way to wrap up the work week! The VIP Reception provided one-on-one time with the sponsors. It was great to meet Reps from new companies at the luncheon and re-connect with some current vendors that, due to Covid, I had not seen in quite some time - the face time was much needed. We have lots of follow up to do as a result of this fantastic event. Some of our immediate needs and budget items can be addressed by reaching out to multiple vendors who attended. The venue was perfect!
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaMedardo Martin
Senior Regional Manager
United Property Management
The entire team at United Property Management and I, thank The Supplier Network of Florida for inviting us to participate in such great event. The VIP Luncheon was an amazing experience. They not only treated us like VIPs, served great food and drinks, but it allowed time for all us to meet new vendors. Vendors that are eager to help us serve our residents in many different areas. Again thank you for an amazing event.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaJennifer Martin
Regional Vice President, South Florida
ZRS Management
Hard to put into words in a small paragraph how wonderful this event was. A huge “Thank You” to Apartment Suppliers Network for hosting the ZRS South Florida team. We were all grateful to be treated with such care and felt like true VIP’s! This is a great event and a needed platform that takes us out of our busy schedules to focus on meeting new suppliers as well as expanding our relationships with current ones. These opportunities allow us to manage our assets more efficiently. We were extremely impressed with the organization and stress-free environment you created. Thank you again, and we look forward to the next one!
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaJohnny De La Espriella
Regional Vice President, South Florida
RKW Residential
Thank you to Apartment Suppliers Network for including us in such a valuable event. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with a great group of vendors in our industry. The event format and venue made it possible to take full advantage of the networking opportunity. At Rivergate KW Residential we value the vendor partners we work with already and look forward to creating new relationships with the attendees at the event.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaChris Rodriguez
Regional Vice President, South Florida
Royal American Management
Thank you Apartment Suppliers Network for the Royal American S. Florida VIP Luncheon. We look forward to doing business with many of the participants in the near future. What a great networking event!
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaJeremy Brown
Partner / Vice President
ZRS Management
I just wanted to thank you for such a lovely VIP Luncheon and allowing ZRS to be the guest of honor. We truly feel this venue provided a great opportunity to have uninterrupted time with our valued industry partners. I enjoyed sharing all about ZRS and offering information as to the best way to forge new business relationships. Thank you and the Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida for such an amazing event.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaCecilia Ford, CAM, CAPS
Vice President
I was truly impressed with the entire event and I am honored that you would treat us so special. It’s pretty amazing to look around the room and see so many vendor partners in attendance. We have grown so rapidly this past year, and it’s important to acknowledge our property managers, which is sometimes hard to do with our busy schedules. The Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida really made us feel like VIPs. The format was great and I feel like we really made some great connections with vendors that we need for our properties.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaDavid Bales, CPM, HCCP
Regional Vice President
On behalf of my Pinnacle team, I want to thank you and all of the participating vendors for our VIP Luncheon hosted by the Apartment Suppliers Network. The Pinnacle team was certainly honored with the VIP treatment. You were so impressive in the coordination and creation of the event. As proud as I am of being a part of such a dynamic company as Pinnacle, I am also very proud to be affiliated with you and your organization. The Apartment Suppliers Network should be proud of the professionalism and leadership you put forth every day.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaLydia Bishop
Managing Director
Thank you Apartment Suppliers Network for hosting our Greystar VIP luncheon. It was a great success! Our associates and leadership team were able to spend quality time with our long time vendors and forge new vendor relationships as well.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaLee Ann Edwards
Regional Vice President
Thank you to Apartment Suppliers Network for hosting Pinnacle at your most recent VIP luncheon in South Florida. Pinnacle has grown exponentially across the last few months and were in need of vendor outreach. Not only did we have a blast at the event, but got to know several of the vendors better as well. The luncheon was well-done and really helped our new Regional Team connect with those vendors in our industry who assist us in doing our job better. The format of the roundtable discussions and quick 5 minute vendor discussions helped us not feel pressured.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaMelissa Cannata
Vice President
Carroll Management Group
Thank you, Apartment Suppliers Network, for a fabulous Carroll Management Group VIP luncheon. The A.S.N. organized a very professional and dynamic event for our senior management team that represents properties throughout the State of Florida. The luncheon allowed us to get to know some new apartment suppliers we may not have met otherwise. The environment was professional, relaxed and comfortable for everyone. The Carroll Management Team looks forward to another A.S.N. event in the near future.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaLynn McDaniel
Regional Vice President
MAA would like to thank the Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida for hosting the VIP Luncheon. We value the partnerships we have with local vendors and suppliers. We are thankful for the support and service they provide to our residents and our teams. Thank you for the opportunity to build new relationships as well as support existing ones.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaRich Foster
Regional Director
RangeWater Real Estate
Thank you for the opportunity to speak at your ASN Luncheon. With Matrix acquiring more properties in Central Florida, we welcome the chance to meet new vendors. This luncheon provided a tremendous avenue for our company. We need the vendor relations for cap ex – bid comparison and this hit at the perfect time. With all the contacts, it opened up several doors for Matrix as a whole. Our team members that attended learned that there are many ASN Members we have yet to meet.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaTracey Whitson
Vice President of Operations
Bell Partners
Thank you for showcasing Bell Partners at an ASN VIP luncheon. The Regional Managers and I enjoyed meeting the vendors. It was a great opportunity to learn more about area vendors we would not have otherwise known about.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaTeresa Unrue
Florida Regional Manager
National Property Management Associates, Inc.
National Property Management Associates would like to thank The Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida for hosting the VIP Luncheon. It was a very professional and fun event that allowed myself and my Team to spend quality time meeting new vendors as well as reconnecting with our existing vendors. I'm actually executing a few contracts with new vendors I met. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet new vendors as it was a great success!
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaScott Zimmerman
Thank you, Apartment Suppliers Network, for a really great luncheon event. The A.S.N. team put on very professional and effective event for our senior management team, allowing us to get to know some new vendors and update our existing vendors.  The environment was professional and comfortable for everyone. AGPM certainly looks forward to working with A.S.N. in the future.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaMcCarley Davis
Epoch Management
Epoch would like to thank the Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida for hosting us for the VIP Luncheon. The regional supervisors and I enjoyed getting to know local vendors and suppliers, as well as sharing with them our company’s needs and protocols to help make doing business easier.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaRicardo Alicea
Regional Vice President
Bainbridge Companies
What a great experience our Bainbridge team had at the Apartment Suppliers Network VIP Luncheon. The intimate setting allowed us to spend quality time with the vendors and really strengthen our working relationships. Kudos to Apartment Suppliers Network for a job well done!
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaKim Hackett
Vice President of Operations
Royal American
Thank you for everything The Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida does for our industry. The Apartment Vendor Guide and are reliable and handy resources that I use every day.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaDavid Feo
Vice President/CFO
We had a fantastic time networking with the current and prospective vendors, and we even have signed a few new deals from the introductions at the ASN Luncheon you hosted in our honor.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaRon Wenzel
Sr. Regional Manager
Greystar Management
The vendor luncheon hosted by the Apartment Suppliers Network of Florida was a great success for all of us. It was an efficient way to come face-to-face with the ASN Members showcasing their products and services.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaEvie Law
Vice President of Operations
Incore Residential
We gained valuable new contacts and formed new business relationships through the wonderful ASN luncheon you hosted in our honor. It is difficult to find the time to seek out quality vendors, and you brought them to us at this event!
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaChaya Starker
Regional Vice President
Colonial Properties Trust
Thank you for hosting a fantastic ASN luncheon in our honor! We were able to spend some quality one on one with the new vendors for possible new relationships with our company. I felt that this environment gave us the time to share, and to create an understanding of what we are looking for in establishing new vendors.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaDonna Ameller
Area Property Manager
JMG Realty – S. Florida
Thank you so much for sponsoring an amazing vendor luncheon! Our Area Managers, Business Managers and Maintenance Supervisors had the opportunity to meet some great vendors and feel that the relationships made that day will blossom into something really special.
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaKaren Mitchell
Area Property Manager
JMG Realty – Central Florida
When we need vendors, especially in a new area, we look to & the ASN to help us quickly find qualified vendors. With properties all over the state, we love how the Vendor Guide lets us quickly locate vendors in a specific area using the color coded key in the guide. What a terrific resource!
Apartment Suppliers Network of FloridaNancy Lovell
Regional Supervisor
Fairfield Residential
Thank you for the very nice luncheon for Fairfield Residential that the Apartment Suppliers Network sponsored. The networking opportunities were amazing. I have actually reached out to some of the vendors that attended and we are getting bids for future project we have planned. This was a win-win opportunity not only for the vendors but for us at Fairfield Residential.
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