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    Dogwood Building Supply

    Emerald ASN Member

    Dogwood Building Supply provides new construction and capital improvement supplies throughout the country. We supply all interior finishes for plumbing, electrical, faucets, lights, bath and door hardware, cabinets, window blinds, etc.

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    EAG-LED Global

    Not all bulbs work the same, and not all LED lights are created equal. EAG-LED Global Lights supplies and installs innovative lighting products for businesses and organizations worldwide. Always on the cutting edge, The Eagle provides the finest LED products, installation, financing and customer support in the business, constantly evaluating and integrating emerging technology. Our LED solutions, tax savings, and government rebate partnerships allow customers to significantly reduce overhead and decrease their global footprint.

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    Southwest Utility Solutions

    Southwest Utility Solutions exists for a straightforward reason. The multifamily industry is fundamentally built and sustained by the value that owners, investors, and property management teams bring to the table. Your #1 job: building the best, most sustainable, and profitable community should not be plagued with industry partners preventing your property from being taken to the next level.

    We’re building custom utility programs to ensure maximum utility recovery, savings, and property profit for multifamily, student housing, senior/affordable, and mixed-use communities.