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    Q Group Builders, Inc.

    Ruby ASN Member

    The Q Group Builders, Inc. is a national construction and renovation company for the multi-family and hospitality industry. We have 30+ years experience, price conscience, and are pre-certified with many vetting companies in the industry.

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    Adhesives Technology Corporation

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    Adhesives Technology Corporation (ATC) is a leading manufacturer of construction and restoration related adhesives.  We sell through distributors only with our two most popular products for property repairs available in all Sherwin-Williams stores.  MIRACLE BOND multi-purpose epoxy repairs broken concrete, rotted wood, loose railings, steps, stucco, sea walls and more.  CRACKBOND JF Polyurea joint filler is for filling cracks in concrete and control joints.  Visit the video section of our website for “How To” property repair videos in English and […]