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    Painting365, Inc.

    Diamond ASN Member

    Since 1999, Painting 365 (formerly B&L) has proudly served all types of commercial facilities, providing a wide range of property maintenance services. Throughout the state of Florida our crews can be found performing professional painting and pressure washing service at a competitive rate. By choosing Painting 365 as your commercial painting or pressure washing contractor we will strive to provide: Accurate Estimates • Prompt Service • Professional Knowledge • Customer Satisfaction

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    Aqua Mizer Solution

    Aqua Mizer is a revolutionary low-cost / turn-key Solution that reduces multifamily property water consumption and water bills by an average of 30% to 40%, substantially increasing NOI and property value in the hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars during its 10 year warranty period. The Aqua Mizer system detects toilet leaks and prevents water waste and catastrophic floods savings millions of gallons of water along the way. We are installed in over 106,000 toilets in the U.S […]