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    Painting365, Inc.

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    Since 1999, Painting 365 (formerly B&L) has proudly served all types of commercial facilities, providing a wide range of property maintenance services. Throughout the state of Florida our crews can be found performing professional painting and pressure washing service at a competitive rate. By choosing Painting 365 as your commercial painting or pressure washing contractor we will strive to provide: Accurate Estimates • Prompt Service • Professional Knowledge • Customer Satisfaction

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    Apartment Water Management

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    The time is now to let us help you save up to 50% on your water & sewer bill Save Money – Conserve Water All at the Same Time In today’s economy, it’s vitally important to save money wherever you can. And, if you can save money and conserve water all at the same time with absolutely no cash outlay, it’s a win-win. Water and sewer bills continue to increase, and that is not likely to change. Almost all apartment, […]